Our Approach
infobond delivers IT support services and products to clients in the distribution, educational, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and retail environments. Our approach is to find the best IT solutions and combine them with the delivery of a full range of IT support services. We have years of expertise in delivering and maintaining multivendor environments. We offer our customers IT support services including: router, firewall and ethernet switch configuration assistance; analysis and maintenance support services for servers and PCs; and carrier selection services. We offer our clients a consultative approach that seeks to understand, educate and support internal IT staff organizations. Additionally, we provide highly responsive customizable managed services for our clients.

To ensure that we understand our customer environments we conduct audits that encompass the network infrastructure; vendor relationships; LAN protocols and products; VoIP applications and services; and WAN protocols and carrier services. We identify issues with configurations and /or problematic architectural designs and then fix them. We do this in a phased, structured approach that seeks to minimize costs and network downtime. Our services are available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

We have found that many of our clients require far more than a traditional response-based maintenance contract. Therefore we strive to provide additional services where we configure the network to provide multiple levels of redundancy, hourly support and on demand services. This may include redundant DHCP/DNS servers, redundant switch and router configurations and multiple ISP carrier services.

For further information: sales@infobond.com or call (510) 490-9522