Our Services
infobond provides a range of independent consulting services that, on their own, address individual requirements, but in conjunction with our other services, encompass all elements of a project life-cycle. Every project is different so in addition to our standard consultancy services, we offer demand services that are tailored to your specific requirements.
Network Design and Network Re-Design
As an element of any pre-contractual discussions with a prospective customer and to establish and present an initial project proposal, Network Design is considered part of the sales process and, as such, is at our own cost. Following our initial analysis, a more detailed process often needs to be undertaken in which a fine level of granularity is achieved and fully documented, therefore forming the basis of a project plan. This work is chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

Regardless of the level of detail, the same highly trained and experienced consultants are used for our Network Design and Network Re-Design services. Their depth and breadth of theoretical and experience-based knowledge ensures that a technically sound, considered design is produced that meets your requirements, while remaining within any technical or financial constraints.
Vendor Agnostic Network Troubleshooting
Network troubleshooting is typically a service aimed at finding and resolving specific, identified problems in IT infrastructures. Use of in-depth tools such as network analysers, Linux/Open-Source tools, along with a wealth of real-world experience, our consultants apply a methodical, structured and typically non-intrusive approach that identify issues at any of the seven layers in a customer's network, from cabling to applications, to effectively resolve business-affecting issues. Although not our Core Competency, we have highly skilled engineers in Windows/Linux whom have rescued several customers from Exchange/AD crashes as well as Linux-Ubuntu/Fedora configuration issues.
Site Audits
Site audits are offered to establish a comprehensive and detailed 'snapshot' of; Software and Hardware inventory; configuration details; and geographic information within an IT infrastructure. This is offered either as a regular service to provide an historic log of all adds/moves/changes to an infrastructure; or as a one-off exercise, perhaps prior to a network upgrade, or to assist in the planning and design process.
Health checks provide a full assessment of the whole or any part of a WAN, LAN or Metro IT infrastructure. From these assessments, known and unknown problems can be identified and informed decisions can be made. This allows an organisation to best and most cost-effectively meet its objectives. As an example of their value to an organisation, a WAN healthcheck can reveal that a perceived need to upgrade the bandwidth of a specific link is unnecessary if certain re-configurations are undertaken to allow more effective use of the existing bandwidth.

After an initial meeting to understand the network infrastructure and establish specific areas of interest and measurement points in a network, our consultants use a range of tools to capture SNMP, Syslog, Neflow & port SPAN-ing over an agreed period of time. Once collected, this information is analysed and fully documented with our recommendations prior to presentation to a customer.

In addition, we also offer Network/Log Monitoring Managed Services with on-going consulting for monthly/quarterly architectural reviews, security, capacity planning & problem resolution based on data mining done by our high qualified engineers on reports and information derived from Network/Log Monitoring of your network.
infobond offers a comprehensive range of commissioning and engineering services that provide the skills, experience and resources to commission any infrastructure, convergence or security networking project; either as integral elements of a complete project life-cycle or as stand-alone activities in their own right. To ensure quality and consistency, we offer these services through our own highly trained and experienced consultants and engineers.

Implementation is far more involved than the simple delivery of equipment to a customer's premises and on-site configuration. To ensure quality and consistent success to the implementation process, we offer a number of documented, inter-related steps. These steps are carried out with due diligence and a focused professional approach. We suggest that all of our projects use these documented steps.